The NBA – A loooong season!

Written by on April 29, 2019

On the TUNNEYSIDE of SPORTS April 29, 2019, #741 The NBA – A loooong season! After further review… The National Basketball Association is in the midst of its 2019 playoffs to determine which T*E*A*M will be crowned its 73rd champion. Perhaps you’ve noticed that tempers flare-up! In fact, tempers of players, coaches, and even game officials have been out of control for a month or so. The NBA season started in October 2018 – more than one-half-year -with those mentioned above having been contained in a 50′ x 94 ‘ area.
While my interest in basketball started as a youth, it centered mostly on high school and college. I was fortunate to have played and officiated at both levels. Professional basketball was not in my southern California roots in my early years. When the NBA marched toward So. Cal., I took an interest in the Los Angeles Lakers – the Clippers had not yet been created. 
My current interest is the Golden State Warriors with their games being televised in my area.  I have been a fan of head coach Steve Kerr, not only because I met him years ago and followed his playing career, but primarily because I admire his coaching style. His success certainly rivals those of Hall of Fame careers. 

I am dismayed – albeit disgusted – and have been for much of this season, as well as in previous years, at the constant complaining to game officials. The Warriors are currently a very successful franchise. They are seeking their third consecutive NBA championship. However, if you didn’t know their record of championships, you’d think they had a losing record. Has a target been placed on their backs?
The NBA fined Draymond Green ($35,000), Steph Curry ($25,000) and Kevin Durant ($15,000) for openly criticizing officiating in the Warriors loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves (March 31). These are three of the Warriors best players and respected by opponents and fans throughout the league. Sure, maybe several calls went against the Warriors, but they know that will happen. They need to understand that is part of today’s NBA game. 

When you are a losing team, your tempers get short and complaints are somewhat understandable. However, when you win as often as the Warriors do, it is important to maintain poise and confidence no matter how many officials’ calls don’t go in your favor. 

Further, and most importantly here, as a winning team, you attract the attention of younger players. The youth admire that you have a high percentage of 3-point shots; how unselfish your teamwork is; how ball movement determines your success; and how much fun you have in playing. Those same admirers also observe your on-court behavior.

Will you comment about how professional players’ attitude and behavior influence youth?

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