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Marcus has been gifted computer graphics animator and CG artist for nearly 20 years. In that time Marcus has created some of the most fascinating visual designs anywhere. He’s an expert at 3D design, computer animation, motion graphics, video editing, web content and design. He’s worked for major corporations including Good Morning America, ESPN, Good […]

Gobi Moore – Founder, President and Managing Principal Visionary leader with 25+ years in entertainment, marketing and digital media specializing in technology, digital content development and advertising verticals. Gobi has vast experience in the entertainment industry including radio, television & film production for an unparalleled view into the future of digital media and streaming solutions. […]

Stephan “Jake” Jacob – Jake has an extensive background in solution sales, media and digital marketing. He’s a graduate of, R.I.T., Rochester Institute of Technology in New York with a B.S. in Communications. He’s worked as a Producer, Radio Host and DJ for Internet Broadcasting Networks from coast to coast. Jake’s excited to be back […]

Pauline ‘PJ’ Bouchard – PJ is an astute change leader and strategic business strategist. Experiences include leading and facilitating culture change and large-scale change initiatives. PJ has held a variety of leadership positions, including EVP of Organizational Development and Cultural Transformation, VP VP of Human Resources, and VP of Training and Development. She has a BS in Organizational Behavior […]

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