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Living the Life - Up and to the Right!

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Join us every week on 'Living the Life - Up and to the Right!' and learn how to take control of your finances, investments and most importantly, your future. We'll explore education on financial literacy and concepts not previously taught, ideas on making and saving money, how to assist your family as we navigate you towards financial goals and financial freedom.

Whether you're looking to change careers and move into the Finance Industry or looking for Financial Advisers to get solid, honest, real world guidance on how to create your own portfolio, assist your current endeavors or get acquainted with some new programs that will honestly surprise you of how easy it is to save for yourself and your children's education and future.

Now of all times is one of the most important to take a good look at your financial future and begin to accumulate earnings like never before. Let us show you how.



Rey Galang is originally from Chicago, he moved to Los Angeles with his family in 1983. A US Navy Veteran, he served 5 years as a Hospital Corpsman, stationed in San Diego and Okinawa. He’s been a Respiratory Therapist since 1993. He holds 3 licenses as a Financial Professional. In his spare time he enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and rooting for the LA Dodgers. Him and his 14 year old son have a goal to watch a game in every MLB Stadium.

Catheryn Briones, MBA, MSN, RN is originally from California where she grew up with her two siblings, her dad who was a pastor, and her mom who was a pre-school teacher. Professionally, she is a registered nurse with more than a decade of experience working with adults in the critical care environment. In the last few years, she has discovered her love for teaching as she began to perform more roles that are education-based in her nursing career. She has served as a nurse educator in the clinical setting and most recently, a nursing instructor in the academic setting. In getting to know Catheryn, many will recognize her love of learning as well as her passion for education based on her interaction with her patients, nurse colleagues, and also her nursing students. Having realized that she can also create a bigger impact when it comes to helping families through financial literacy, Catheryn has transitioned her nursing career to financial services in the last few years. She has always believed that education is the key to changing anyone’s life because when knowledge is applied in a positive and effective way, then individuals and families will be financially successful. In her spare time, Catheryn loves to sing, play the piano, and enjoy quality time with her adorable German Shepherd.

Erik Smith– In 2009 my mom retired to take care of my ailing father which we know was the worse time to retire but she had me look at her financial accounts to see what I thought being a numbers guy. At the time I was in optometry school focused on helping people see and I did not understand she had so many fees and why she was taking as many risks. Fast forward a few years when I decided I wanted to own a business and help families on a different level and with a pregnant wife I did not want to be the irresponsible parent living without life insurance it made sense for me to get into the business of helping families protect, save, and grow their money. In my eyes this would clear of their financial picture to where they could see themselves no longer having to work because they have to and because they want to.

Joshua Ordonez is a Savings and Retirement specialist.  With knowledge on everyday issues and solutions to individuals, business owners, and Family needs. Joshua first beginnings was wanting to know all aspects of work. From a retail worker to a Waiter/ singer Joshua got to see how individuals in corporate and Family own business were treated in California. After a Few years of his humble beginnings Joshua would go on to join one of the Biggest Know names in the Health Care industry – (Kaiser Permanente). For over 10 years Joshua helped Members and employees of Kaiser. Whether he was protecting union workers rights and benefits or making sure Health care patients were getting their treatments on a timely manner he was there.

After two Devasting Events that changed the course of his mothers and Aunts Financial situation, and then seeing how (patient care) was not the true statement of the Healthcare industry. Joshua took it among himself to help co workers from doctors all the way to the mailroom and even EVS workers to help them retire correctly.

“Seeing my friends and fellow co workers begin the stage of retirement in 2010 and not be able to retire because their 401k was not the true vehicle of retirement. Was devastating to watch”.

Joshua Ordonez loves helping all walks of life. “If you want to know how to truly save for your future I will help you. If you have an Idea but want to see if there are better ways in an Era that keeps evolving, I also have solutions for you. If you are already retired but want to have that security of knowing you can have income for the rest of your life. I can help you too!

For more information or to contact one of our hosts, email and take control of you and your family’s financial future now!


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