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Welcome to GOTOWN Music- creating the NEW to highlight and promote All Independent Music Artists, Musicians, and Performers to level the playing field and create a home for the ultimate platform for ALL MUSIC VIDEO, RADIO and PUBLISHING.


Created by Artists, Visionaries and Advocates for the Arts to Level the Playing Field, Empower the Creative, Engage Unlimited Audiences and Experience the New through GO B’s unique blend of TV, Radio and Online Publishing.



Thank you for coming along for the ride, we look forward to sharing some of the best Local, National and International Entertainment, Musicians, Performers, Musical Education with Positive Messaging on any device and available on any platform.


Stay Tuned for Great New Artists, Singers, Songwriters, and Musicians showcasing their NEW MUSIC.

 Featuring amazing New Artists like YSA FERNANDEZ

Music & Lyrics by Ysa Fernandez Directed by Lindsay Narbeth Choreography by Pamela Stoddard Performed by Ysa Fernandez Song mixed and mastered by Ysa Fernandez
Download/purchase “Cold” on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp!…

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