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We're here to help you better understand and navigate through the many benefits of medical marijuana, cannabis and industrial hemp in society today and what it means for you and your loved ones for years to come.

We're not the first and we won't be the last to discuss this... but we do promise to bring you the most insightful, educational and informative fact based news from an esteemed board of CEO's, Editors, Publishers, Doctors, Scientists and Financial Advisers to help better explain to clear the air.

Currently there are 29 Legal Medical Marijuana States and D.C. in our country with 8 more states voting on it this year. And there's a good reason for it... YOU voted for it and for that we applaud YOU!

Focusing on the real issues surrounding the importance of such a universal, positive influence in our lives today from actual proven medicinal purposes to cost effective solutions for textiles, manufacturing, sustainability, agricultural, alternative energies, increase employment and better stimulate the economy overall... but every great story has a beginning, middle and end... and We just Arrived...

Join us weekly with Roger Martin with Hero Grown formerly Grow for Vets, Kama Star with Oasis Cannabis, Chris Thompson with Freedom Leaf and Las Vegas NORML, Janet Henshaw with NexCel and yours truly... Gobi Moore.



‘Efficacious’ means effective, or productive as regards the desired effect. Cannabis is versatile because it has so many uses. 

Health and medicinal benefits, fuel, paper, food, rope, maps, clothes, nets, lace, soap, sails, shoes, plastics, explosives, caulking, fiberboard, paint, sealant, methanol, gasoline, fibre for fuel, bricks, charcoal, auto bodies, packing mass, lubricants, oil for lighting, oil for fuel, oil for lights, animal food, furniture, mats, varnish, lotions, ointments, lacquer, salad dressings… there are an estimated 50,000 commercial uses.

Until about 100 years ago almost all the world’s bibles, maps, sails, clothes and books were made out of cannabis. Much of the world’s population has survived by eating hemp seed, cooked into a porridge called ‘gruel’.


Biomass is the amount of plant material which can be converted to fuel, usually by gasification. Biomass is biologically produced material. Methanol is a biomass substance. Biomass can be converted into virtually any sort of energy.

World production of biomass has been estimated at 146 billion tons a year. The thermochemical process which converts organic material to fuel is called pyrolysis. This consists of applying heat with little or no air. It can produce charcoal, gasses, acetone, methanol and other organic liquids known as pyrolitic fuel oil.

When the biomass of cannabis is converted to fuel there are no harmful waste products (compare with radioactive sources of energy) and there is no environmental pollution (as with fossil fuels). The FCDA have produced their ‘biomass equation’ which shows that cannabis biomass is the most efficient (and potentially the cheapest and most reliable) way to produce energy.

It is estimated that up to 90% of the energy produced by the use of fossil fuels could be produced from biomass. Hemp can be converted to methane, methanol or petrol. By ridding ourselves of the pollution factories and the resulting sulphurous smogs which are released into the atmosphere we could dramatically reduce acid rain and begin the reverse the Greenhouse Effect.

… and Henry Ford’s first Model T was designed to run on a methanol petrol produced from hemp seeds.


This and so much more in the weeks to come. We thank you for your patience and acceptance to allow us to Go Be More…


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