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Welcome to Comedy Schools Radio

Hi I'm Tony Vicich, Stand Up Comedian, Instructor and Professor Emeritus of Comedy, Quick Wit and Relentless Banter.

I'll be introducing you to some very funny and not yet critically acclaimed Stand Up Comedians, Actors and Entertainers.


Comedy Schools

Comedy class offers a safe, positive environment where people new to stand up comedy can begin to learn the process. The workshop covers the basics and secrets of writing, rehearsing and performing stand-up comedy. We’ll teach you different ways to write, so that you can always create new material from your experiences. We’ll practice memorization techniques that allow you to remember your show without sounding like a robot. And finally, we’ll do exercises that will help you to turn stage fright into performance power. This class is perfect for aspiring comics, veteran comics who want a refresher, public speakers, teachers, or anyone else who wants to speak better and be funnier. Questions? Email Us or Phone:818-571-JOKE


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