Sabot Group coming to Las Vegas for The Mint 400

Written by on February 14, 2018

SABOT GROUP – Promoting positive community and economic growth with drive and a dream.

Founded by Hammond Meredith, Sabot Group is an organization created with two goals in mind; Sabot Foundation a 501(c) (3) Charitable Trust dedicated to this country’s Veterans in need, to assist veterans in transition and re-connection with each other and the opportunity to experience the resources available to enjoy themselves together in an exciting setting. And Sabot Racing, a UTV Trophy Truck Desert and Drift racing team. Veterans will be invited to motor sport and wilderness activities which include; camping, hunting, fishing and off-roading. The trauma that PTSD and other conditions imposes on veterans after harrowing days of actual combat, can often only be understood by those that have experienced it. In this spirit, this is where the Sabot Group was born.

Sabot Group is working alongside Halo for Freedom Warriors, whose motto is “No Soldier, Veteran, or Warrior will be left behind, Not on our watch” and falls directly in line with our mission to not only promote awareness but to make it actionable for veterans.

Sabot Group will be offering unique apparel and special edition merchandise where proceeds will aid Sabot Foundation. Sabot Group will utilize existing relationships that have the ability and desire to donate various products, while Sabot Racing will procure sponsorship’s to promote and engage within Sabot’s various activities in the world of off-road and drift motor sport. Creating a lifestyle brand surrounding motor sport that will involve artists, musicians and public figures in order to mix the genres together is a strategic point for Sabot Group.

Sabot Group is a leader in constructive social change with a unique angle in business, providing resources to veterans that will directly aid in their well-being.

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