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Robert F. Smith is an extraordinary entrepreneur with big ideas and even bigger dreams. The son of Grammy Award winning singer, O.C. Smith, Robert is on a mission to be the first blind man to throw out the ceremonial pitch and sing the national anthem at every professional ballpark in America. While breaking business barriers and giving back to those less fortunate, Robert also encourages others to join him in his pursuit of a million acts of intentional kindness.

Towards that end, Robert and his team have created the exciting new Toss’n Towel: it’s the game that needs no explanation! By supporting the Toss’n Towel Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, you’ll not only experience the spontaneous joy of a really fun, easy-to-play game, you’ll be helping Robert achieve his goal of sending Toss n Towel games to deployed soldiers, disabled veterans, children’s hospitals, and senior centers around the world.

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