Parents and Teachers support “Red for Ed”

Written by on February 20, 2019

Teachers, parents, students, and community members are coming together all across our state and nation to support the “Red for Ed” movement. “Red for Ed” is a movement to empower our teachers with better pay, benefits and increased school funding after increased federal budget cuts. If you attended pubic school then you know all about old textbooks, leaking ceilings, shortages of supplies and terrible lunch food. As a result of recent budget cuts, our public schools are in fiscal danger or “in the red.”

Politicians are cutting the funding to our schools and our communities are paying the price yet again. Public school educators are getting second jobs to pay their bills and some are even selling their blood because they don’t have time to get a third job. Well our communities have said enough is enough. Our kids deserve a better future and a better future requires that we invest in the present condition of our schools.

Even if you are not a parent, budget cuts to our public education affect our nation’s future because that impacts the quality of workers that will join the workforce. That means you won’t be getting the best new coworkers, interns or consultants at your respective employers. Let’s make sure our present isn’t in danger so our future can be brighter.

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