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On the TUNNEYSIDE of SPORTS April 22, 2019, #740 Up Next… Pandora!After further review… Pandora’s box is an artifact in Greek mythology taken from the myth in Pandora’s creation of Hesiod’s Works and Days. The “box” was actually a jar given to Pandora and when she opened it all the evils flew out, leaving only hope inside. The meaning of Pandora’s name, a mixture of variant early myths, is either “all-gifted’ or “all-giving”, 

Either definition may apply to “Muffet” McGraw (actually Ann O’Brien McGraw) currently the successful head coach of Notre Dame University women’s basketball T*E*A*M, where she has compiled a 905-272 (.769) record during her 32-year tenure. She has achieved just about every award and recognition possible in the world of women’s collegiate basketball.
The curious want to know, how the name “Muffet” has been attributed to her. It has been claimed that it comes from the nursery rhyme written by Dr. Thomas Muffet, a noted entomologist writing about one of his patients. You take it from there. Anyway…

Muffet was not shy about opening Pandora’s jar. In a news conference prior to the recent NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four held in Tampa, Florida. McGraw was asked about equal pay for women, whereby she spoke with vitriol about women not having equal power as men. “Men run the world. Men have all the power”, said McGraw. She didn’t stop there and followed with “I would never hire a male assistant.” The conference room went silent.

McGraw continued, “We need our young women to look up to other women as role models and there are not enough women in government or in positions of power for that to happen.” In light of equal opportunity in our country, does McGraw have that right? The opinion here is that she does. In men’s NCAA basketball, the vast majority of men’s head coaches hire male assistants. In some men’s sports female are pressuring for positions on all-male staffs.

Does the McGraw tirade get an “Atta Girl” rating? Or does the equal opportunity law apply here? I learned a long time ago that “there is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals.” (Ed. Note: Please go back and read that again) The fair thing to do – the equal thing to do – is to give people what they need. Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same thing. Fair means everyone deserves what they need.

Will you log-in on the McGraw philosophy in light of equal opportunity?

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