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New movie starring Kevin Sorbo confronts atheism.

A new Christian movie countering atheism is set to release this fall. Let There Be Light tells the story of “the “world’s greatest atheist,” Dr. Sol Harkins, who grapples with the aftermath of a Near Death Experience (NDE) as the result of a car accident. During his NDE, he briefly meets and speaks with his dead son in a tunnel, and is then resuscitated. No longer able to deny that life exists after death, Harkins struggles to reconcile his atheism with his experience, which clearly refutes the godless worldview he has been teaching his followers for years. The crisis also brings Harkins face-to-face with his failed marriage and his estrangement from his living son.

Sol Harkins, “the world’s greatest atheist,” is bitter at the loss of his youngest son and turns his anger into an all-out attack on God. Here he participates in a debate, where he espouses his views.

The film stars Kevin Sorbo, who is best known for his role on the ’90s hit TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and for his lead in the 2014 Christian blockbuster God’s Not Dead. Kevin’s wife, Sandra “Sam” Sorbo, co-wrote the screenplay with well-known Hollywood screenwriter Dan Gordon.

The Backstory on the Sorbos’ Spiritual Journey
Kevin became a Christian early in life, and his family was very involved in his church growing up. Sam on the other hand, didn’t have any Christian upbringing at all. She was raised Jewish until about 12, and it wasn’t until later that she began having spiritual questions.

“I went on a search for God in my early 20s, and ended up in church with a girlfriend, and that’s where Jesus found me,” Sam said. “I came to belief in God from a very argumentative position. I needed it proven.” This isn’t surprising, as she has an exceptionally inquisitive and analytical mind. In fact, before turning to modeling and acting, she studied biomedical engineering at Duke University, and she’s fluent in five languages. And for more than three years, she hosted the daily nationally syndicated radio program The Sam Sorbo Show, where she led discussions on current events and their impact on culture.

Finding His True Strength
Sam met Kevin on the set of Hercules, while playing the role of Serena. By then Sam was a Christian, and Kevin and Sam attended church together. About a year into their engagement, Kevin suffered three strokes and nearly died. It took him almost three years to recover, and it made going to church very challenging for him, especially because he was so well known. During his first visit back to church after leaving the hospital, he was hounded for autographs. To their relief, their pastor followed up with a sermon the next week discouraging the congregation from “stargazing.”

Kevin wrote a book about his strokes and recovery called True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal — and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life. The 2011 release recounts how he struggled with God over his condition, but, as Kevin likes to say, “God won.” It wasn’t a journey of finding his faith, Sam explained. He always had faith, but he never needed it so desperately until this life-changing event occurred.

Kevin and Sam have three young children, two of whom appear in the movie as Dr. Harkin’s sons. Sam plays Dr. Harkin’s wife. In real life, Sam homeschools her children and is an outspoken supporter of the homeschooling movement and developing strong families. Sam has written two homeschooling books: They’re YOUR Kids: An inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate, and Teach From Love: A School Year Devotional for Families. Kevin and Sam are currently co-writing True Faith, a book about the challenges of raising a family in an anti-Christian culture.


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