Golden Knights Winning Streak Ends

Written by on February 20, 2019

The Golden Knights 5-Game Winning Streak ended on Monday February 18, 2019 when they played in Denver versus Colorado Avalanche. Vegas played strong during the first period of the game. They put pressure on Denver and made plenty of shots at Denver Goalie, Semyon Varlamov. Our Goalie, Malcolm Subban did his part and made 35 saves throughout the game but Vegas ended up being shut out by Denver.

Throughout it all, our guys all played a gut-wrenching game but they could not score on Varlamov. Denver was able to consistently score 1 point per period and in the end Denver beat our Knights 0-3. Our Knights were granted a power play after the third goal but at that point there was no chance of a comeback. Our Golden Knights have made it through tougher times and will pick themselves back up again because they are #VegasStrong and have our unwavering support!

Vegas will be hosting The Boston Bruins tonight at 7:00pm. We are in for a treat because the fire has been lit under our Knights and Boston is no pushover. Tonight will be an exciting game, full of action and tough pays made by even tougher players. Good Luck Vegas! You’ve got this!


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