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Written by on June 1, 2019

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ALOFT Financial Launches a Podcast Centered on Financial Freedom

ALOFT Financial presents, “Living the Life: Up and to the Right,” a weekly podcast series that educates listeners on important financial concepts to help them get control of personal finances and own their future!

Las Vegas, NV – June 1, 2019 – ALOFT Financial presents an exciting 13-episode weekly podcast series, “Living the Life: Up and to the Right,” that educates listeners on financial concepts to help them achieve financial freedom. 

This podcast series will premier on June 10, 2019 featuring four financial professionals who are passionate about spreading financial literacy. The series is mission-driven to take listeners through a much-needed financial education filled with helpful solutions that are not commonly taught in the public-school system.

The podcast series will educate listeners on financial concepts to help them take control of their personal finances, avoid tax traps, create long-term savings and investments, and most importantly, help listeners own their future.

The series will discuss legitimate money making opportunities with the end goal of steering listeners towards achieving their financial goals and obtaining financial freedom. From talks on debts, taxes, financial protection, retirement income, career opportunities in financial services, the range of topics will benefit all listeners.

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For additional information, please contact Rey Galang or visit www.livingtheliferadio.com.

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