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On the TUNNEYSIDE of SPORTS March 19, 2018, #684… Everybody’s got something
After further review…Some years back people were saying the three most important words are: I love you. Perhaps that came about when people in the streets were shouting “Make Love, not War.” However, many psychologists encourage the use of “I need help!” as the more important expression. Either of these might apply in the right situation. For this article, let’s put love and need help together.
Kevin Love is a 6′ 10″ 250 lbs. power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was born in Santa Monica, CA. but raised in Lake Owego, OR.; then came back to attend U.C.L.A. for one year (a one-and-doner). He was drafted fifth in the 2008 NBA first round by Memphis Grizzles; then traded to Minnesota Timberwolves and is currently with the Cavaliers. “In November 2017 in the third quarter in a game against the Atlanta Hawks,” Love said, “I went to the bench during a time-out with my heart racing faster than ever. I had trouble catching my breath and everything was spinning. I had never experienced this type of feeling in the past.”
“When the timeout was over, I knew I couldn’t go back on the floor. Something was terribly wrong.” It was then that Love knew he needed help; he was having a meltdown and sought help from a therapist. “Help from a therapist- you gotta be kiddin’ me,” Love thought to himself. He was 29 and raised “to handle my own problems.” I don’t need a therapist, he was thinking. Love is a five-time NBA All-Star and won the NBA Championship with the Cavaliers. He has never been comfortable sharing much about himself – not to his family, not to his friends, and certainly not to the public.
It is easy for an athlete of Love’s caliber to be fraught with hubris. Most athletes think they don’t have the problems other people have. Everybody’s going through something is what finally allowed Love to know he needed help. His teammates sensed Love was dealing with issues, but afraid to step-in. In fact, when Love wasn’t on the court or in the locker room, some teammates were critical and “thought he was just not trying.”  Oh, he was trying!
There’s a fine line for most people to want to step in and try to help someone with mental or psychological issues. It takes courage and some risk to interfere in the life of another, yet the risk is often the reward. If one goes through a life of if only, the life of another may be lost!
Will you have the courage to step-up to help another?
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