Elton John – An Amazing Performance from a Living Legend

Written by on May 12, 2018

What can I say that you don’t already know… Elton put on such an incredible performance last evening at Caesar’s Coliseum, Las Vegas, NV. I, for one, had never seen Elton John Live until last eve, which happen to be a gift from a very good friend and business associate. It was one of those shows that you couldn’t help but sing along to every song, tap your feet, get up and dance and literally be applauding the entire time.

From the phenomenal light show and ever-changing stellar backdrops to the pitch perfect sound of Elton and the band, especially after being together for so many decades. Simply one for the books and a night to remember.

I’m including some one of a kind photos that were just pinnacle. If you get a chance to catch Elton John and his band for the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Tour, I highly recommend it!


Nothing but love to Elton and the Band… one of the best LIVE shows I’ve seen in years! Honored and privileged to finally see this living legend and brilliant showman extraordinaire! Rock on!

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