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Written by on June 20, 2018

Comedy at the Crossroads

Our film is a history of comedy, Hollywood, music and crime. A winter’s night, 2018. Three lost legends of comedy in a recording studio built by rocker Graham Nash. We capture that “something” that happens in this magical spot. An ancient retail mall built to erase the memory of one of the last gangland murders in Hollywood, the Crossroads became a mecca for artists, actors and musicians. Lightning strikes at the Crossroads. We’ll tell you about the fires that burned, and the one we started.


Help us raise funds to share the laughter because now of all times it’s needed the most! 


Rick Overton

As a 40 year comedy vet, Rick Overton has starred in numerous HBO and Showtime specials and has had countless TV stand-up appearances. He played The Drake on Seinfeld and Pam’s Dad on The Office. He currently recurs on Adult Swim’s “Children Hospital,” ABC’s Last Man Standing, TNT’s Leverage and recently guest starred on The LeagueThe MiddleThe Kroll Show, and Newsreaders. Rick has also guested on classic TV series like LostE.R., Mad About You and Married With Children. On the big screen, he has worked with A-list directors like Ron Howard, Chris Columbus, Harold Ramis, Jay Roach, and Steven Soderberg, with roles in films like Bad TeacherThe Informant, Dinner for SchmucksCloverfieldGroundhog DayMrs. Doubtfire, and Willow. He also has an Emmy Award for writing on HBO’s Dennis Miller Live. Rick is currently a semi-regular contributor to the Huffington Post and he hosts a popular podcast called “Overview” that is available on iTunes.

Ritch Shydner

Ritch has made numerous appearances on TV, including Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. He did an HBO half-hour special, “One Night Stand.” He played Al Bundy’s co-worker on Married with Children, and made guest appearances on many other TV shows, such as Designing Women and Roseanne. Ritch was able to translate his modest success on TV into an obscure film career, appearing in Steve Martin’s, Roxanne and Eddie Murphy’s, Beverly Hills Cop II, before moving on to minor roles on smaller pictures.  Ritch wrote for sitcoms such as RoseanneThe Jeff Foxworthy Show, and HBO’s The Mind of the Married Man. Ritch wrote material for Jeff Foxworthy’s Grammy nominated comedy albums, “Totally Committed,” and “Big Fun.” He also wrote for Ron White and Jay Leno.  In 2006 Ritch was co-author of a book on stand-up, “I Killed”.  In 2010 Ritch produced and performed in an award-winning documentary on the world of stand-up comedy, I Am Comic.  Ritch is currently writing a movie adaptation for HBO of Bill Maher’s book, “True Story”.


Bruce Baum

Bruce was born, and then raised, funny. After that, he attended UCLA, where he played football, UC Davis where he received his BA in Political Science, then returned for graduate work at UCLA’s prestigious film school. While in film school, Bruce became part of the small cadre of comedians performing at the Comedy Store in the 1970’s that included Robin Williams, David Letterman, and Jay Leno — a crew of comedians that ignited the comedy boom that began in the 1980’s and continues today. Many of those comedians (Robin and Dave included) appeared in Bruce’s student films and/or also appeared in his videos and short films while Bruce was at Fox-TV for two years as resident short-film-maker and sketch comedian on Sunday Comics and Comic Strip Live, and two more years on ABC-TV’s America’s Funniest People where Bruce was featured in live and taped sketches. Many also acted in Bruce’s movie The Adventures of Babyman: Born To Be Raised.



Tony Vicich

Director – I started my journey at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and somehow took a fifteen-year side road into stand-up comedy. Along the way I also became a theatrical director in Los Angeles, directing plays throughout the city. At one point in the nineties, I worked regularly in Las Vegas, owned a comedy club in Oklahoma City, and produced a TV pilot for TNN. I also had the chance to work in front of the camera on MTV, Showtime, Comedy Central and the now legendary An Evening at the Improv.  I just love telling stories and finding those little threads that connect us all.


Help us raise funds to share the laughter because now of all times it’s needed the most! 



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