Blanket of Light

Written by on December 23, 2017


Blanket of Light

by Gobi Moore

Without a sound or warning abound,
in waves covering land for miles around.
Soft as a whisper, yet frigid to the touch
so small in mass yet blankets so much.


Relentless pursuit, rounding harsh edges,
night becomes day, cliffs turn to ledges.
Sculpting the earth in it’s whimsical way,
some think it’s harsh, others for play


Silent yet swift, the job has been done
the blanket of light has just begun.
Displaying the illusions of a simpler time
while cleansing what society has left behind.


It transforms images to make them appear,
less undaunting, secure without fear.
Sometimes lasting all winter long
embrace the elements, a brisk wind song.


We welcome your gift, yet curse your presence,
a lifeline for many, for others no defense
We engulf your rivers to help quench our thirst
then it’s off to the race to hit the slopes first.


Merry Christmas from Go B Networks


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